Our Specialization

Here at BLUEHILL, we strive to deliver a tailored and experienced service all the time – no matter what size your job is. Whether you’re a family wanting a new home, or an apartment developer, BLUEHILL is here to provide a complete hassle-free solution. From subdivisions to high-rise projects, the Land Development team at BLUEHILL can give you the best advice. Additionally, by utilizing our range of specialized services.

​Topographical Survey

Provision of detailed, large-scale survey data of your project site, be it a modest-sized plot for residential, industrial or commercial purposes. Our surveys would include all cultural- & physical-attributes, spot height data & contoured to an agreed standard. Our finished data would be presented in hard- & soft-copy, typically AutoCAD - to our clients specifications.

Establishment of Survey Controls and Bench Marks (TBM, PBM)

The basis of "good survey practice" is to carry out any type of survey using survey equipment appropriate to the required standards mthat such equipment is in good adjustment, and mthe surveyor is suitably skilled in the use of such equipment - and fully competent. Establishment of new survey control would be carried out with high-end GPS equipment and/or total station instrumentation - depending upon the best solution mutually agreed between BLUEHILL and the client. BLUEHILL would arrange for the construction of new survey monuments - either in terms of Government standards, or specific client requests.

As-Built (GIS) Surveys

Provision of "as-built" survey collection - typically as an on-going exercise during the construction phase, thereby ensuring that all attributes are accurately coordinated & collated. Our surveys would include all cultural- & physical-attributes, all compiled in terms of client-specific requirements. Our finished data would be presented in hard- & soft-copy, typically AutoCAD and to the required specifications.

Setting out services

A setting out survey involves marking of a physical feature that appears on an engineering plan in its design position on ground. Conventional setting-out techniques that make use of plumb lines etc. are majorly error prone, especially in the case of high rise buildings,complicated structures and buildings having larger ground area. Hence, all major works today resort to Electronic Distance Meter(EDM) measurements. We own a large collection of precise Total Stations to support the setting out services.

Geographic Survey

BLUEHILL combines the latest in surveying technology with highly skilled staff to deliver cost-effective, high-accuracy surveys in both hardcopy and digital mediums, tailored to meet your requirements. Our Contour Surveys also known as Site Surveys, Feature Topographic Surveys, detail all noteworthy features relevant to a particular site. We include positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication pits, roads, driveways, special features, and levels across the property. This survey can be used as the base plan for your design to maximize lot yield.

Hire of Skilled Professionals

Supply of Survey Team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; (Electrical Engineers, Architects, Safety Officers, Surveyors, Foremen), etc.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

No matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, facility manager or property manager, Bluehill offers services that meet your needs.