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Our Story

BLUEHILL Trading and Contracting, is today a name with innovation and excellence in civil engineering surveying. We are established as the premier engineering company in QATAR, taking care of precise civil engineering surveying. Reinforced by a team of seasoned top score professional surveyors, resourceful work force and a collection of sophisticated survey instruments, BLUEHILL has involved in the execution of many prestigious projects such as interchanges, building complexes, infra-structure developments and world class shopping complexes in Qatar and abroad as consultant and contractor for surveying services.

What We Offer

To achieve the quality results in surveys we are using most modern equipments viz. Trimble MX9 Mobile Mapper, Trimble GPS Units – R10, R8, R6, Trimble Total Stations – S8, S6, S5 and 5000 series, Leica Total Stations – TS 15, TS 11, TS 9, P 14, 3D Laser Scanners – Leica P40, Leica RTC360, Trimble SX10, GSSI DF GPRs, GSSI Concrete GPRs, RD8100 Radio Detectors, Norbit iWBMS Multi-beam Echo sounder and Odom MK III single beam echo sounder, Trimble Dini digital levels Leica Na2 Auto levels, etc.
The internal quality system of the company ensures the clients with a highly reliable and most accurate result with in the stipulated time.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​