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We are established as the premier engineering company in QATAR, taking care of precise civil engineering surveying. Reinforced by a team of seasoned top score professional surveyors, resourceful work force and a collection of sophisticated survey instruments, BLUEHILL has involved in the execution of many prestigious projects such as interchanges, building complexes, infra-structure developments and world class shopping complexes in Qatar and abroad as consultant and contractor for surveying services.

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*As-built Survey *Topographical Survey *Volume Calculation *Cadastral Survey *Establishment of Benchmarks/TBM *Setting Out *Hire of Survey Team


Our Specialization

AsBuilt Survey

Survey of constructed features, roads and building, surface/ sub-surface utilities, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), ELV and other services.

Cadastral Survey

Demarcation Survey | Re-demarcation Survey | Subdivision Survey | Consolidation Survey | Land Adjustment Survey

EM Scanning

Locating buried services and trace the facility as well as estimating its depth.​

Hire of Skilled Professionals

Supply of skilled professionals on monthly basis; (Engineers, Architects, Safety Officers, Surveyors, Foremen) etc.

Underground Utility Survey

Survey of underground utilities such as electric cables, water pipes, telecommunications cables, etc.

Hire of Survey Team

Supply of Survey Team on a daily, weekly or monthly basis consists of (Survey Engineer, Survey Assistant, with or without survey equipment) etc.